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In our country, we usually fry tofu. The one on the picture looks like taho.


The silken tofu recipe in Andrea's book is amazing...and super easy to make.


This is what I had for breakfast this am in Philadelphia! Sold at Viet Tofu.

Jeane M.

Thats really yummy! I've tasted once when my friend's mom made tofu pudding with caramel and nuts on top. Love it. :D


I was home in Hanoi for 2 weeks during between Christmas and New Year, and we made bún đậu mắm tôm at home. I was so happy since I haven't had authentic mắm tôm for ages: in France they are just not "stinky" enough for my taste, ha ha. I nearly choked from eating too fast and too much though mwuahahah

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