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Joseph Chaiwhan Kim

I would love to know how to properly pronounce all of these foods. I see them on menus all the time and I wish I knew how to say them properly.


Love your blog - really is one of the ultimate food blogs in Vietnam!
Am visiting Hanoi tomorrow, so am devouring every bit of info on your site.

Have you come across this Bahn Da noodle dish before? Rice noodles with deep-fried prawns and fish, in what looks like a spiced gravy, topped with scallions, dill and chillies. I tried a search on your site but couldn't find it.


Joseph - you and me both - Vietnamese is a tough language (even after 11 years here) because of the tones - good luck!

Camemberu - thanks for the kind words - don't know about ulimate, but definitely long standing! RE: that dish; it doesn't sound Vietnamese - unless you're thinking of bun ca: http://stickyrice.typepad.com/my_weblog/2011/03/fish-dish.html - but the prawns would not have been deep-fried...

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