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leaf (the indolent cook)

That bun cha looks fabulous! I often order it in Australia, can't wait till I taste it in Vietnam.


Thankyou for making my mouth water. That Bun Thit Nuong place is amazing, I used to frequent it when I lived in Hue. However, I am almost 100% sure that Bun Thit Nuong is pork, not beef!


I never heard of bun thit nuong cooked with beef. Are you really sure it was beef?


Beautifully worded. I agree. Hue is a charming place to visit, and in contrast to Saigon, I really enjoy being able to walk around. The kings' tombs are really special, and I enjoy hearing the folk law surrounding these attractions and Hue's royal heritage.


It's pork, not beef. Ask the God if you don't believe me.

Also, this: http://www.huefestival.com/?cat_id=59&id=415


William and Tess - of course you're both right. I was wrong and did post an apology on twitter on 27/5: "don't know what planted the bovine thought in my mind! I WAS WRONG...in this post, where you see beef, insert pork"

leaf - both the bun thit nuong in Hue and bun cha in Hanoi - hold on to your hat because you'll love them both!

Katherine - thanks, Hue has a lot to recommend it

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